Swakrit is an experience design studio, specializing in high end Jewellery boutiques and showrooms. 

Our approach focuses on building a design language around the product, which is unique to the brand and communicates its ethos to the target consumer. We lay major emphasis on understanding a client's brief in detail, from product mix to sales processes, operations. This helps us design an experience which is not only aesthetically unique and meaningful, but also is functional and easy to operate. 

We have designed for some of the major brands in India, helping them elevate their customer experience as a reaction to modern design sensibilities. 

Deepti and Ayush are graduates of National Institute of Design, and started Swakrit in 2015. With a combined experience of over 20 years, they lend a balanced perspective to any project. Their passion for detailing, hand crafting and design is the main driving force behind their work.

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