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ZOYA by Tata

Zoya hired us to design a jewelry display which would differentiate and elevate their presence, while highlighting the core values behind their brand i.e. their collections celebrate the travels of a Zoya woman and are crafted with utmost precision and care.



The proposed design does away with a typical glass case, and presents the jewels as precious curios in a trunk, brought together from the travels of the Zoya woman. The story of these jewels is engraved on a panel under the lid, completing the narrative experience around the collection. 



Leatherette cladding, stitch details, metal trims and engraved Corian panels are carefully worked out to create a luxurious canvas to display these pieces. The whole display is elevated on a dense bed of flowers to give it a wonderland like presence.

The complete display is designed to be packed and re-used at various locations.