IsoWeave 1 -Blue Silk

IsoWeave 1 -Blue Silk


The Isoweave collection is at the intersection of folding and textiles,  a combination of two timeless handicraft forms - Origami and Weaving.


A single sheet of exquisitely woven fabric is folded into rigid forms  using origami to create miniature topologies that lend a new dimension to how we experience walls. 


The texture and patterns of the fabric flows on the folded surface unpredictably, providing a fresh perspective of itself. The folded piece is nestled within a metal tray in copper, brass or steel finish, an added detail of finesse and richness. Any traditional or contemporary textile can lend a unique character to these units, customizing them to their context space.


You can buy them in sets to create a wall art mural of various arrangements. 


Handfolded in India.


    Shipping Included for all orders within India. 

    For international shipping, please write to us on our contact page.


    Size : 330 x 310 mm 

    Materials : Silk, Paper, Aluminum