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Orikrit is an initiative by Swakrit, setup by Deepti and Ayush Jain, graduates of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.


At Orikrit, we create bespoke art installations, by exploring the potential of folding techniques, combining it with contemporary design sensibilities. While the designs are rooted in the traditional techniques of origami and Indian crafts, they are contextualized for today’s world through design interventions. Our works of art pan through various materials like paper, fabric, metal, cement and rugs.


What inspires us is to see an un-assuming planar surface take the form of something truly unexpected through mathematical contortions.

Click below to visit Orikrit.

Orikrit Branding-01.jpg
Isoweave - Green Silk 1.jpg
Orikrit - Isoweave 2.jpg
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