Swakrit is an installation design studio, specializing in bespoke and handcrafted design solutions.

We bring 'crafting' in our work, be it through exploring new ideas/detailing/materials or re-imagining a traditional craft in a  modern interpretation. We strive to create installations which are not only works of art, but also experiences which engage a viewer to communicate a message or create an ambience.

Clients commission us to lend this approach to their events, exhibition or retail stores, where we transform them into engaging branded consumer experiences.

Deepti and Ayush are graduates of National Institute of Design, and started Swakrit in 2015. With a combined experience of over 20 years in fields of installation art, commercial interior, exhibition, branding and event design, they lend a balanced perspective to any project. Their passion for detailing, hand crafting and design is the main driving force behind their work.